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Our agency provides self-employed escort models for the accompaniment and entertainment of our clients. They are in no salaried employment relationship with Feelegant UG.

Since sexual services can also be provided as part of the accompaniment and maintenance of clients, provided that the escort model offers this, and the brokerage of these require official approval from 1 July 2017, the provisions of the new German Prostitution Act (ProstSchG) apply unconditionally.

This includes the strict duty of using condoms!

Within our souls are profound desires, buried treasures, waiting longingly to surface. And genuine dedication and trust is demanded, to unleash these deep cravings and impulses.  We offer you the chance, for a sensual and memorable journey, an escape from your everyday life, where you will experience unknown heights of pure pleasure. Our agency values and respects the singularity of each individual and it is our highest duty, to find that one beautiful and rare gem, to complement you in a perfect match. With every lady and gentleman you select from our exquisite choice, you will have an escort with an excellent sense of style and absolutely captivating manners. We promise, that you will succumb to their charms at first sight, since they are all perfect and unique embodiments of all the facets and varieties passion might unite.

The ladies of our Highclass Fetishescort agency are active nationwide. Be it Munich, Stuttgart, Berlin, Leipzig, Cologne, Dresden, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Hanover or Frankfurt, our sensual erotic escort ladies and escort ladies travel everywhere. It is of course also an international booking with our escort ladies possible. Whether Paris, London, Zurich, Basel, Strasbourg, Vienna, Amsterdam, Brussels, Prague or Budapest, our beautiful escort girls accompany you Europe-wide or around the globe. Enjoy the advantages of our fetish escort ladies, who are both sovereign and discreet and impress with absolute parquet security. We offer you with our fetish models a discreet and exclusive means to realize their dream. Let yourself be accompanied by our dream women to a business appointment or a social event or enjoy with them a little break from everyday life. Experience an exclusive fetish escort with overnight stays including hotel, restaurant and wellness visit or unbridled outdoor fantasies. Our experienced escort agency stands for the highest quality and offers you a unique and special service, which has much more to offer than the usual lacquer and leather concepts. From foot fetish to bondage and SM games, relaxing in togetherness, conversation or massage, frivolous or socializing. The most eager wish of our hostesses is to fulfill your every secret fantasy, of course always serious and discreet. The diversity of our ladies ranges from brunette to blonde to redheaded, from submissive to dominant. Fulfilling the most intimate fantasies and bizarre adventures is the real passion of our Fetish Ladies. What makes us special is the authenticity and individuality of our escort ladies. Be it the mistress, mistress, owner, master, regent, owner, ruler, the classical dominatrix who educates and punishes, interrogates and flogs for faulty behavior or the weak sex, the slave slave, assistant, subordinates, submissive serving girls, cleaning lady , the girl for all who has earned a slap and a beating on the crisp young ass, the seductive butt, the provocative buttocks or just sweet butt. Each of our escort ladies is unique and has a wide selection of toys, accessories and clothing. Be it latex, leather, rubber, fur, spandex, nylons, blindfold, dildo, butt plug, strap-on, massage stick, classic lingerie, corset, corset, vibrator, braces, ice cubes, gas mask, whip, whip, mouth lock, gag, ropes , Wig, handcuffs, Maiduniform, schoolgirl uniform, military uniform, … etc. The arsenal of satisfaction Your desire knows no bounds. Our stunning escort ladies specialize in RPGs, SM / sadomaso, BDSM, frivolous going out, provocative public display, dinner parties, erotic parties, respiratory reduction, wax games, clinic games, dirty talk, shackles, FFM or MMF. The variety ranges from submissive to dominant, sadistic or masochistic, active or passive, serving or guiding. Our escort ladies are flexible, discreet and extremely reliable. Most are multilingual, all speak fluent English and are well situated. The perfect companion for the man of special demands, who appreciates a first-class society. Be enchanted by our comprehensive service and our beautiful high class escort girls. Fire and flame for a mistress, a secret liaison, an amorous adventure or a flirtation with a stranger or familiar already, which uninhibitedly satisfies their desire by sympathy and charm. With our exceptional recommendations, we give your date an unforgettable charm. Be master or servant of your fantasies that have come true and unleash your deepest yearnings with our Highclass Fetish Escorts escort service.

The men of our escort agency are well-founded and have a diverse range of tools, materials and fancy charms to fulfill any unusual desire, obsession, mania, inclination, vice or bizarre inclination. Devoter slave, schoolboy in uniform, a domestic help, the devoted assistant who kisses your feet or maybe gives you control and savor the sensory stimulation and experience an unforgettable adventure full of pleasure and fun. Our men are familiar with flexible sticks, whip, cane or rod and know how to use them. Special wax games, anal stretching, lubricants for skin-related physical touches, finger games, .. and much more. The variety ranges from submissive to dominant, sadistic or masochistic, active or passive, serving or guiding. Our Male Escorts and Callboys authentically live their true passion for bizarre adventures and the fulfillment of the most intimate fantasies authentically and always remain faithful. Our companions are flexible, discreet and extremely reliable. Most are multilingual, all speak fluent English and are well situated. Be enchanted by our comprehensive service. Our escorts are the perfect companion for the gentleman or the man with the special claim. With our exceptional recommendations, we give your date an unforgettable charm. Be master or servant of their fantasies that have come true and unleash deepest longings with our escort service.


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