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  • Let´s create our own fantasy world
  • Far surpasses the bounds of the consuming world
  • Let’s play, safely and consensually
  • I will push you,satisfy you, but I also keep in mind your limits
  • My desires will never eclipse my respect for you as a human being
  • The most powerful type of control is subtle
  • It’s My one glance that shuts them up, one giggle that makes them fall to their knees
  • Ever heard of phantom limbs?
  • I like to create phantom shackles,
  • though paradoxically this leads to liberation from their quotidian restraints
  • I am a mindreader, taking notice of all your body motions
  • I love to be spoiled
  • As a reward I treat you with the utmost attention
  • My passport is ready for some adventures

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  • Languages

    German / English

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  • Height

    168 cm

  • Weight

    49 kg

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  • Cup-Size

    70 B

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  • Smoker

    Social smoker