Here is a list of frequently asked questions and relative answers  on the subject of fetish escort, escort booking, fees and price lists, booking cancellation, personalization of escort arrangements, discretion and personal privacy.

Each of our escorts has personally contacted us to work together. The concept of our advertising agency is based on authenticity and honesty, which is fully shared by our models. Therefore, it is in the interest of every lady that her description and images correspond to reality and her passions are always updated. We believe that only transparency and good communication can guarantee a nice time together.


We forward your request to the desired escort and agree with both parties time and place. As our escorts have a busy life and are either pursuing a career or studying and enjoy this job as an erotic and exciting adventure, please understand that we need to charge a prepayment of 30% of the fee plus VAT to secure the seriousness of your booking.

Your desired escort will reserve her time for your meeting exclusively for you. Please note, for the reasons mentioned above, our escorts are not always available for very short-term bookings. Nevertheless we will forward also such request and make our best effort to realize them. We know it is sometimes not easy to plan it advance but it will increase your chances a lot and we have more time to work out some extra wishes.

Our fees are assigned to different price categories. Each escort is classified according to their experience, equipment and personal knowledge in the various categories.

For the fees of our escorts please refer to their profiles under the section Book.

Please give your selected escort an unsealed envelope containing the remainder of the fee at the start of your date. In order to avoid any misunderstandings and not ruin a pleasant time with you unnecessarily, please allow the escort to take a quick look inside the envelope. Thank you for your understanding.

All our escorts feel at home in this area and see the escort experience as an enrichment. They are not only happy to do this but it is a part of their sexuality. Therefore, they are all very different. Just this uniqueness and authenticity is what makes them so special. We would like to welcome you back as a happy satisfied customer and therefore we would like to try to find the right companion for you. If you have any other further questions or desires, please do not hesitate to contact us. This also applies to special conditions.

A personal meeting in a neutral setting is a wonderful way to grow desire. Just before a longer meeting or an accompaniment to professional / private appointments, this wish can arise. Therefore, we offer you the possibility of a dinner date. Our escort is happy to be your perfect company for a dinner (up to 2-3 hours) in her hometown. So you can get to know each other personally and appreciate the girl manners and charm. For this kind of arrangement we charge a flat rate of 300 €. We can not offer you an additional combination of dinner date and erotic date.

Of course, our escorts would gladly travel to the location of your choice. For this we calculate the costs from time to time. The travel allowance can be found in the information under booking in the profiles of the escorts. We are also happy to take over the booking of flights or trains, so your escort will arrive without inconvenients and can fully enjoy the time with you.

A cancellation is always unfortunate but it is sometimes unavoidable in these kind of arrangements.

If you are no longer able to attend your date, we will refund your reservation fee as credit for a future date, provided you cancel at least 48 hours in advance. You can redeem this within four weeks. If you have to cancel less than 48 hours before the meeting, we will not be able to refund your reservation fee. Unfortunately, costs which have already arisen for travel tickets cannot be refunded and will need to be charged again if the date is rearranged.

We as an agency are responsible for the marketing and communication for our models. Thus we are not responsible if circumstances change due to force majeure. In such circumstances we can only try to find a new date. Your paid deposit will be credited against future booking (within four weeks) but no refund is possible.

Of course, our escorts are bookable also together. Let us know your wishes and we will find the right companion for you. Often there are also ladies who harmonize very well together, we are happy to advise you in the selection. There is a discount of 10 percent on the fee of the escorts.We are happy to create an individual offer for special occasions together.
Discretion is very important to us. But sometimes we need some information for planning or for security reasons. We only keep your data for the duration of the meeting. Therefore, please understand that we also have to ask again your personal information.In return, we ask you to treat the information of the escorts with the same degree of discretion.
Respecting your privacy is of primary importance to us. We ask you to respect the privacy of our escorts as well. Please refrain from receiving private contact details of our escorts or give them yours. You have decided to commission this agency as intermediary and any attempt to make a private contact only leads to an unpleasant situation that we would like to spare you and our escorts.
The escorts can be represented by an agency, so that they take over the communication and planning of a meeting for them. Thus outside the common time we are your contact person. But you can be assured that we will forward all information needed for the meeting and clarify any questions with the escorts.

Maximal discretion is a must for all parties involved: you, us and the girls.

All pictures, which the escorts have made available for advertising purposes, can be found in the respective galleries. As soon as we get new pictures, we put them online.Please understand that we can not send any pictures to you.
Unless otherwise stated in the profile of the escort, private recordings are not permitted. For the escorts it is much nicer that each meeting remains a beautiful shared memory without any photo or video evidence.

We ask you to respect the privacy of our escorts as we respect their privacy.

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