As an escort Anastasia has met all expectations.
Now I’m not a naive person and I know the whole situation very well.
Nevertheless, I would like to add that Anastasia, beyond the usual (high) expectations, is an absolutely wonderful person whom one may only get to know all sacred times. A rare jewel, which one wishes only earthly good.

That was really an exceptionally successful night! And thank you for organizing and suggesting to extend it in time. If you could thank Anastasia once again. I would be very happy to see you again in the near future.

Wenn Sie bitte Anastasia nochmals meinen herzlichen Dank ausrichten könnten. Ich würde mich sehr freuen, sie in baldiger Zukunft wiedersehen zu können.

I feel very comfortable with you and was very excited about both dates. Your ladies, in terms of their outward values ​​as well as their willingness to fully embark on an appointment of this kind, are absolutely in line with my ideas. The organizational handling with you, I feel very pleasant. Fast and reliable. Anastasia is a very lovely and extremely attractive young lady who is really ready to be educated. The meeting with Anastasia was something very special. I will definitely contact you again.

Thanks, I had a really good time with her. She came right on time, nicely dressed and with her toys. She is a beautiful girl and played her submissive role well. We did not do anything too hard and I also enjoyed just talking to her. I would certainly book her again, if I come to Stuttgart again, or somewhere else!

I am happy that Anastasia had a good time in Geneva. She was extremely charming and keen to experience new things. She was a very nice and interesting partner. I can only thank her for “Zusammenarbeit”. All the best.

Her charm and her elegance is fascinating! She is fresh and entertaining and you can really talk about everything with her! Made funny super sexy and beautiful dirty !!! In the BDSM area you don´t notice her lack in experience … But yes she goes over the boundaries and you really feel like she enjoys pushing her limits and getting to know new ones !! If I would see it in the feedback scale of 0-10 …. I will give smooth 11!!

I had a wonderful time with Anastasia. She is intelligent, very easy to converse with and even more beautiful than in her pictures. Our time together was incredibly fun, she is adventurous, sexy, and very playful. Also, if possible I would like to schedule another appointment. Thank you again for your time.

My time spent with Anastasia was absolutely amazing. She is absolutely gorgeous, her pictures do not do her justice. If you are looking to have an incredible time with gorgeous, sexy and adventurous woman, do not hesitate to book an appointment with her. She is a perfect Russian princess, with a beautiful smile and an incredible body. I will definitely never forget the time I spent with her.