What makes a perfect date for me?

– A partner with whom I can communicate freely about preferences and boundaries

– A partner who is noticeable with fun in the matter

– A partner who is open to new things and can drop in a safe atmosphere

– A partner with whom I also talk about things outside the game

– A partner with whom I can laugh heartily

– A partner who has both legs in life and a strong personality

– A partner who looks good, is well groomed and charming

– A partner that I would like to meet again

All that happened with my beautiful date Alicia!

I had the pleasure of spending a short night with Alicia. She is a very nice and interesting personality. From the first moment we had a wire to each other. Her profile is exactly what she really is, you can have a lot of fun with her. Also in the actual game, you realize that it is nature-charged, the night was for our mutual pleasure, and we could try some new things. In short, a successful time, I would repeat this night anytime.

Alicia is a very sympathetic and attractive lady. She is an interesting and welcome interlocutor, so that getting to know each other was very easy and we got along quickly. Her cheerful and uncomplicated way has already made the dinner together an experience and then made the hours afterwards exciting. Alicia’s submissive affection and her openness to erotic games were enriching and made the time together intense pleasure. She happily and effortlessly accepted the “tasks” assigned to her and has created a very pleasant atmosphere with her warm and elegant nature. I am looking forward to another meeting with Alica.

I had the pleasure of being the first to meet Alicia. And I can only say: Wow. Your charisma attracts you immediately. We got along very well right from the start and started pretty fast. Even if she did not know things, she got involved with it and went along great. You can tell that she really stands out and does it out of absolute passion. I can only recommend each man not to miss that! Thanks to Michelle and Jasmin for the great and fast organization. Definitely soon.