Michelle, thanks again for the good service. Celine is very smart, an interesting woman and a wildcat in private time.

It was in all respects a very successful, very relaxing evening. Céline is simply “outstanding”.

For my form of play, Celine was the perfect match.
I need someone in the game who provokes and confronts me again and again, otherwise I have a bit of the problem of building up the evil.

Céline was the right choice for my fantasies.
And we were also able to communicate very well outside of the game.

We had e very good time with Celine, last night. She was very good in everything we did. We will definitely look for her next time we are in Frankfurt.

I would like to thank you first for the super nice contact and support. Also, I want to thank you for the great planning. The reception was very cordial and it was so harmonious with Celine away again, as if it had been only yesterday. I was pleased that you have promised the shoes and you could feel the joyful excitement. After a small fashion show in the suite, mainly because of the shoes, we went to dinner in the hotel restaurant. I was very pleasantly surprised by her, because she wore a remote-controlled vib and gave me willingly the control. With such a charming companion it is difficult to concentrate on the food and not just to play. In addition, we were already in the right mode due to the clear noises from our neighbor’s room and the presumable residents.

After the excellent meal and the very lively conversation Celine went ahead to prepare for the planned game. The waiting seemed endless, but after what felt like an eternity, I got word that my student was waiting expectantly in the principal’s office. Had I guessed what a bellow I would expect, I would have taken a drink at the bar. The styling was just perfect and matched exactly my desires, rebellious and cheeky as one can not think better of such a game. However, the awakening came very quickly, because despite the offered opportunity improvement, for which the brat had to wear a plug, the knowledge of American geography was limited. Resulting in their fate, the attempt was made to solve it, but every true American would have burst into tears after a short time. Despite extended time was not to speak of achievement of goals, so they could only perceive the possibility of an additional test. As I know her, Celine immediately wanted to know what she needed to be gagged on. Then she was led into the bedroom and got a task which she seemed to be far more. The games became more intense and greedy and continued until the early morning. As always, it was the evil lust of Celine, which demanded its toll at an advanced hour. The demand of Celine awakened my desire of the unrestrained running in the living room. Then comes the little “Darth Vadder” in Celine, bad girl. The morning came way too fast, the breakfast could not really enjoy any of us and the farewell came way too fast. As discussed with Celine, I enjoyed our gathering so much and I enjoyed every single minute. It has so much desire for more. But then the toys brought along (their suitcase is a real space miracle!) Will find more use time. I thank you as a team and look forward to the future. If we find the right event, I would like to risk another attack with Celine. However, we think we have exact ideas of what kind we are looking for.

Despite the traffic-related delay we tried to make the most of the situation and it was still a nice evening with lots of fun and erotic.I was very happy to see Celine again. I was surprised how much she remembered from our first meeting.

It was a wonderful afternoon with Celine and hope she felt the same way. Celine is a great, very charming girl! I’ll contact you if I have more time. Many thanks also to you for the organization and best regards

I had a very entertaining and nice date with Celine.We have a wire at the diner straight away found each other, and the short night was of course too short. We did not sleep much. The game with her keeps what she promises, natural predisposition and experience complement each other very well. Celine is interested in many things and has already experienced a lot, so the game breaks were also very entertaining. So, any time again, let’s see when the next opportunity arises.

Just had 18 hours with Celine… Nothing prepared me for such a wonderful time. The PERFECT Switch, sexy, obedient and finally a great Mistress. Congratulation Michelle you have found a rare pearl.

I just wanted to let you know that Céline just walked away few minutes ago. She is lot of fun and I had the best time ever. She is a true gem. Thank you again for the planning.

It was a special night but Céline was just great. Get up at three o’clock in the morning and of course totally broken because of the jet lag but everything was worth it. Again and again