Emilia was a very nice, very attractive and very understanding woman for me! In this portrait, I will remember them for a long time !! (Let’s see, maybe the whole life). Your presence did me good! Her heartiness did me good! Your tolerance for my snoring did me good! I felt very safe. Stay as you are. Your way you go in any case! Big hug

Emilia was sweet, sweet and I am completely satisfied. The role-play was twisted in the communication, but that’s quite normal, as in the whispering, if you still know that. Emilia then quickly rethought and improvised very well. She had also shopped and brought along some interesting equipment, which I thought was nice, her wardrobe was very good. Emilia surprised me positively and tried to create a nice date from the beginning. She had always included my partner with, for example, a bell with which he could ring as soon as he had a wish, which he also liked to use. What she had done just great was the pee, it was great and she has beautifully packaged and staged. It was exciting to be taken by a woman and it was my first orgasm with a woman. In the end, we were totally tired and she was worried if we were fine, but we were just exhausted. All in all very recommendable!