05 Jun 2018

Great, great, extra class. She appeared on time and in the outfit I wanted. As it turned out later, this down to the last detail. Thank you for that. Of course I was nervous at first but Hanna was able to take my little uncertainty very quickly. Quickly we found many topics for a very stimulating conversation and I could gain some insight into a world unknown to me. Hannah was very open, completely uncomplicated and always open to my (even erotic) wishes. The time was not enough to put all into action, which did not limit my enjoyment in any way. It was just very nice in every way !!!!! It is and always was about more than “just” sex. I also want to get to know people a little bit and to contribute to the fact that the lady is doing well and she feels good. I’m really happy that I seem to have succeeded. Please order Hannah a very nice greeting and a big fat THANK YOU.

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