30 Aug 2018

 I met Josephine, one of the most charming ladies I met, in a hotel near Frankfurt. The initial insecurity knew how to drive you away and brought you a memorable stay. Especially the brought toys and outfits made my heart beat faster and it amazes how much fits in such a suitcase. After the first leisurely tasting Josephine went fully into her submissive role and after a brief freshening and Umstyling we went together for dinner in the hotel restaurant. It is very nice and stimulating to dine with such a lovely company that the other guests will certainly envy, especially if you get a remote control after a short conversation. It is always very appealing to have some control over his companionship and Josephine obviously enjoyed the game as much as I did. After dinner, she made herself ready in the room for our planned game and after a short wait, sent me a message that would wait for the naughty schoolgirl to check in the Rectorate. I open the door to the hotel room and sitting at the table a perfect sexy student in a great outfit and the braids were the icing on the cake. Skillfully she tried to convince me, but the test was obligatory. To get some help, she was even ready to wear a plug during the exam. The exam was over quickly and of course insufficient. Therefore, good advice was expensive and despite the expected contradiction, Josephine was without much resistance to the neighboring bedroom lead. With relish and devotion she spoiled me the rest of the night and managed to read my every wish from my eyes and fulfill it. Of course it was necessary to motivate one or the other folding with the hand or device, but I could not have wished for a more perfect servant. The farewell fell the next morning, which unfortunately was inevitable after breakfast. Many thanks to Josephine for the excellent hours and the perfect accommodating, she is addictive and I would like to meet you anytime again.

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