Zoé is truly unique and wonderful person who genuinely put her heart and soul into our session. She created an authentic connection with us and made every effort to make sure everything was perfect, even under challenging conditions – she spent 24 hours with three of us as her slaves and a long list of personal requests. We had high expectations for sure but Zoe crushed those expectations and we came out on the other end of our date feeling that we had experienced something truly mind-blowing in ways we could not have imagined. With an outstanding ability to read people and zoom in and out of the most intense moments, she created the perfect flow through the date. At the same time, it was a pleasure to get to know Zoe as a person – we had never met before and we left feeling as if we had known eachother for years which really says something about how approachable and open she is. As we went our separate ways, we left feeling weak in our knees, physically worn out and spiritually invigorated.

It was a perfect meeting, which was very well organized.

Zoé is a charming woman, who knows how to dive into an erotic world with one, that you do not want to leave soon!

Our game was very pleasant and highly erotic for both sides.

The long evening with Zoé was exactly what I had always promised me from an escort date. Even if she had doubts: I came fully at my expense and enjoyed every moment with her. Please forward this to her. A role play was not necessary, which made it even better. You probably expected that already 🙂 Thanks again for the organization and flexible rebooking in the restaurant.

The date was just great. We got along well right from the start. Please tell Zoé my best regards. You are lucky enough to be able to mediate such wonderful ladies. I will contact you again soon!

wow – the meeting with Zoe was absolutely top class – the best fetish date I have ever had !! Thank you very much for your efforts – and I will definitely get back to you for an encore. Probably an overnight meeting, because those 7 hours were way too short !! Zoe is a real sweetheart – I am totally thrilled, both by the range of the conversation as well as by the other activities 🙂 Hope she enjoyed it too and she faces a positive encore.
I’ll get in touch as soon as the details of my next trip are fixed 🙂

Thanks for helping with the Brussels weekend with Zoe, it was all i expected and more. Not many girls that would in into a gay dance club with 400 half naked men and be the only women and still have so much fun. She is such a treasure, take care of her!

Regrettably, I do not find the words that fit Zoé’s unique and unique character into appropriate words.
I had described her as a jewel before. Zoé with her great looks, her intelligence and last but not least with her great character is a treasure trove full of precious metals and gemstones: Made in Heaven! Now I have it: she is an angel!

I had a fantastic date with Zoe probably one of the best girls I never meet in my life. Believe me, I am not joking or exaggerate.
It is always quite difficult made a comparison and some time even inappropriate.
But Zoe is a so charming girl, so open mind so really beautiful and honest that my overall consideration (not evaluation, I do not like that word, is not fair), is more and more high than outstanding.

Thank to Michelle and Jasmin.

Best, all my very best !

I was allowed to meet a wonderful woman and slave in Zoe. The evening was far too early, and I would have liked nothing more than to wake up with her and enjoy breakfast. But I think that can be made up for. Zoe was adorable, has responded to my every request, was always trying to please me. The day and the evening were very harmonious, and now I am spoiled for choice. I also hope Zoe has commented that she would accompany me after the meeting.

I was expecting Zoé at 4pm in the lobby. Every minute my pulse began to beat faster – on the one hand because a horny, very attractive young woman would turn into the corner and on the other, because up in the room already an equally horny and attractive woman naked and blindfolded waiting for us. It should be noted here that it would be the first date with the two women together. Then Zoé came on time as always around the corner, unobtrusively dressed at my request in jeans, T-shirt, sneakers .. Of course, all involved in a great, tingling and informative meeting with and for all of us very excited. After we have warmly welcomed, we go up to the room. There my friend is already naked, but covered on the bed and her eyes blindfolded. Zoé I lead just around the corner to the bathroom and she wanted to freshen up briefly and then I bring them also naked and blindfolded to love playmate and imagine the two before each other, without that they can see each other … I called the two hot girls to start the panties first and then rub each other down over their hot thighs! With a smile that only I could see, she let Zoé then to slip under the blanket … Then the two girls were allowed to touch each other, stroking her hot breasts, feel her hot breath, hear the heart beat and the feel the excited pulse and explore their flawless and beautiful body and caress, in all places where a woman really horny. Who could know that better than 2 the two women? This sight was breathtakingly erotic !!! At first I was only the silent spectator, but then I pulled off the covers in time. After getting to know each other they were allowed to take off each other’s blindfolds and see each other, which culminated in a mutual WOW. Zoé and I asked my companion to spread her legs. Actually, that was not necessary, because her thighs and juicy pussy opened them by themselves and Zoé immediately seized the favor of the moment, took a Vibratos brought along in support and we have driven them to a violent and intense orgasm with our fingers, four hands and tongues … I would prefer to keep the other great experience for myself. It was simply gigantic without exaggeration and Zoé is an angel in every way !!!

Where do I start … First of all the location, the apartment of course I mean, is really an absolute recommendation, in great condition and very very clean, you realize that a lot of effort and passion is put into it. The whole equipment is on a very high level of quality. From all around we have not seen so much, in time well the usual stop, we could think I meet two weeks and it would be no different. On Tuesday we were as planned in Stuttgart but culturally we did not do anything there, we stayed a bit too long for one thing. Continuation of the role play in the hotel on the first evening, I found it really great as I had imagined, it turned me on, I must confess, especially with the punishment after Madam was not obedient, really very beautiful. I did not receive my “reward” until the next morning, but it was not dramatic. Have previously been spontaneously in the shower in the SPA area at my expense, that had something. We were alone but you did not know if maybe someone else would come in, definitely had the spontaneous ☺️. The RPG idea of ​​you with the boxes was also a very good idea and gave us both a lot of fun, would have to lie now but so about half vll a little less we have finished, so we have for next time anyway something left over. Thank you for the recommendation of the Italian restaurant. You have not understated, it was amazing. Alone the entertainment factor and as I also love fish it was perfect and you get a lot of it around. Really an absolute recommendation. Josephine joined two days later. With Zoé and Josephine I was then with your recommendation the oriental restaurant near the airport. But the food was very good and rich. Was something else and very varied, except for the dessert of us all not stumped, also an absolute recommendation. Speaking of threes: The RPG was also very nice and we definitely had our fun, of course, in situations in which the ladies have dealt with each other. You can clearly feel that the chemistry between Zoé and Josephine is really right. So now I’m really calm and wish you a nice Sunday

I wanted to sweeten my yesterday’s short stay at the airport with Zoe, for a very long time I dreamed about it and finally made it true – I do not regret a second. This woman plays in the league of superlatives. From the first moment there was that familiarity that man (s) wanted and the basis for one of the most wonderful evenings I ever experienced. Erotic, nothing remains open and I am still full of enthusiasm about this charming, educated and sensitive Lady. Zoe – it’s such a pleasure to rave about you – and now to dream again.

Zoe is a really great woman. Had a great time with her and am really glad she enjoyed it too.

Duo-date with Zoé and Celia: All I can say is Wow and thank You ! The girls were wonderfully attentive to my every need. Celine’s presence changed the scenario but still brought a great deal of gentle, helpful direction to us becoming naughtier as the afternoon progressed. Both Celia and Zoe were wonderfully attentive. In all honestly, I fell in love with Zoe! What a gem! Absolutely beautiful.

Know of my respect and appreciation for the efforts you made to bring my fantasy to life!

So first Zoe is pretty, perfect figure and if you like tattoos a feast for the eyes. She had everything that was wanted. She stuck to our script at the beginning and was really cute … In terms of your preferences everything was possible what I wanted … tried a lot and she was curious about everything and tried everything, everything! Resilient in terms of devotion or punches she is super super great! Very resilient and she also asks for pain and a hard hand, she got it and in this respect was more than a dream! She is really a diamond and there you have a real gem in your hand, take care of it. For me a perfect evening with a charming woman

Zoé and I had exceptional hours of togetherness in the hotel. Her arrival was extremely punctual and discreet. Her outfit was as agreed and as I had imagined when I opened the hotel door. Just perfect! Her face has a fascinating charm and she is altogether much prettier than the pictures on the homepage. Zoé is undoubtedly an incredibly attractive and lovely girl, with whom you can warm up very quickly and forget everything around you! After a few moments, she behaves like a good friend! I have been looking for a long term expression that could be described in 1-2 words: Zoé is a magic fairy for the stressed man. It is a jewel with 3 jewelery boxes that are always open for love services. I think you can not express it better. With a mischievously cool smile, she opened her suitcase full of utensils and showed me her horny agitators! With her inner peace and serenity and without hesitation, she fulfills my most secret wishes. My experiences with “deep throat” are quite extensive. But what Zoé does and above all how she interprets and practices deep throat is definitely “very, very deep throat” !!! Fascinating and wonderful, actually without words! I can not and do not want to say more … There was no limit to the process and creativity during the meeting with Zoé. Very sensitively and without fears of contact, she skillfully and unrestrainedly inserted every muscle of her sexy, flawless body. Completely relaxed, she has secretly introduced her own ideas and their varied implementation let the time (unfortunately) go by too quickly. I could not have imagined in advance that this meeting would be so familiar and run on an indescribable basis of trust, which was both the general conversation (which, by the way, is a true language genius with 5 languages) and the intimate fantasies, and we had a lot, too Fun together. Conclusion: the first meeting with Zoé (I must add fairer here at this point, that I was in this first and foremost about getting to know Zoé, since it was important to me – this young woman before the exhaustion of their preferences and inclinations, that is of her repertoire – to get to know her naked body as well as her personally from her human side, I am convinced that this must serve as an indispensable basis for further meetings and wicked games). In the end, we both realized that the chemistry between us is just right and nothing stands in the way of further meetings.

I definitely want to see Zoé very quickly and can not wait! Therefore, I am looking forward to the next reunion and all the wonderful things that we have not experienced so far. Since we already know each other a bit, our second date will certainly be characterized by being able to interact more and more intensively and to be able to try out a lot of new Zoé’s extensive “service offerings” and to experiment, which gives us both great pleasure, what unfortunately time-based on the 1st Date could not be implemented. Zoé (even though I repeat myself here again) is an extraordinary phenomenon and after years of experience, I can almost say that her personality is largely unique! Last but not least, a few words to organize and answer questions: I was in contact with Michelle during the entire appointment and settlement, exclusively via email. The organization through her was unique, swift, yet nice and entertaining and m.E. not to be outdone! So terrific from A-Z !!! Michelle – merci beaucoup for the organization of the extremely great highlight with Zoé last week!

As announced weeks ago, I had to meet Zoé again. The first meeting, which I described in great detail, has now confirmed the second time around and Zoé’s dedication and charms are hard to beat. However, the second meeting exceeded the fact and the advantage that you already know each other and the mutual inclinations are more familiar and you can quickly get to the point. And she could not go fast enough: already during the welcome embrace she began to get rid of her first clothes and a moment later we both were naked in bed. Zoé fascinates, she beguiles all visual senses. It combines the highest aesthetics with powerful agility and a maximum of erotic stimulation. And above all, it remains one thing: a constant expression of pure pleasure in sex, the perfect combination of pleasure and passion. It inspires and robs all senses, increases desire in seconds and speeds up the pulse. Zoé is a jewel among the love servants!

It was a really memorable nice experience with Zoe. Her natural, warmhearted nature and the need to break new ground and experiment with her partner inspired me. The chemistry was just right and I’m sure that I’ll meet Zoe as soon as possible, possibly even in a threesome with my wife or another agency lady.

Zoé is really a nice girl. Good looking, clever , positive with a sense of humor. Even if she is at the beginning of her “dark side journey ” , she is very keen to learn and to please her partner. She has an excellent potential. It was a very nice moment .

Everything went perfectly. Also the “chemistry” with Zoe immediately voted. I will definitely book it again soon.

Zoé ist wirklich ein nettes Mädchen. Gutaussehend, clever, positiv mit einem Sinn für Humor. Auch wenn sie am Anfang ihrer “dunklen Reise” steht, ist sie sehr daran interessiert zu lernen und ihrem Partner zu gefallen. Sie hat ein exzellentes Potenzial. Es war ein sehr schöner Moment.

I slept like a stone this night and thought that Zoé deserved a few lines. Not that it’s new, the impressions are still the same after the night 🙂 So, business is business, but there are always (at least) two ways to do that. It can be short or long, it can be open or superficial and a lot more. It was a long period of time, but it really did fly by. I do not need to comment Zoé’s body, she has a mirror. For her age, she is already pretty grounded and reflective. She already has something in her head and “on the box”. I was not completely unimpressed. You can just talk to her. I had the impression she was actually “with me” and did not just “down” the time. Very nice, empathetic. Listening here too, developing a plan and pursuing it with purpose. Everything very professional (in the right sense of the word). We had already philosophized, who has to thank whom. I’ll just say thank you! It was very beautiful! And it will stay in “fiery” memory for more than one reason.

It was SENSATIONAL! A punch the little one. The most personal SM date for me ever. She tried very hard with the outfits and was just in the thing. Soon again and thanks for the perfect organization!

Actually, I wanted to sleep over it one more night, but now I prefer writing the same, as long as the impression is still fresh. Zoe is an exceptionally beautiful, intelligent and lovable young lady who has more than exceeded my expectations. She is absolutely submissive, obedient and meets all requirements without ifs and buts and is a thousand times prettier without the massive make-up. It is so extraordinary that I even deviated from my script, which I usually never do. Thank you for this incredible pearl! I’ll definitely meet her again, if she really wants to, as she told me. You can not wish for a better slave! With Zoe you have landed a direct hit! This is already the third lady I have booked in your agency. I have to say that every time there is an increase to the previous date, although I would exclude that after every appointment actually. Respect for that and keep it up !!!

Zoé is not only a really beautiful woman, but also has a wonderful character, has a wonderful sense of humor, a beautiful smile, is courteous and attentive, very open-minded, keen to experiment and also slightly “dirty” with which you should probably delete it;). She has a dominance that suits me and that’s what I was looking for. She plays wonderfully with the words and uses them skillfully and just right. I have never had that with any woman, I found very exciting, I must admit. And most importantly, she knows exactly what she wants, that’s very appealing. But enough of the words, I’ll meet again today! Even if I repeat myself, I would also like to give you / you extra credit. You definitely have the feeling that you care about both sides so the booker as well as the lady very passionately. Keep up the good work, kudos for that!