13 Jul 2017

Zoé and I had exceptional hours of togetherness in the hotel. Her arrival was extremely punctual and discreet. Her outfit was as agreed and as I had imagined when I opened the hotel door. Just perfect! Her face has a fascinating charm and she is altogether much prettier than the pictures on the homepage. Zoé is undoubtedly an incredibly attractive and lovely girl, with whom you can warm up very quickly and forget everything around you! After a few moments, she behaves like a good friend! I have been looking for a long term expression that could be described in 1-2 words: Zoé is a magic fairy for the stressed man. It is a jewel with 3 jewelery boxes that are always open for love services. I think you can not express it better. With a mischievously cool smile, she opened her suitcase full of utensils and showed me her horny agitators! With her inner peace and serenity and without hesitation, she fulfills my most secret wishes. My experiences with “deep throat” are quite extensive. But what Zoé does and above all how she interprets and practices deep throat is definitely “very, very deep throat” !!! Fascinating and wonderful, actually without words! I can not and do not want to say more … There was no limit to the process and creativity during the meeting with Zoé. Very sensitively and without fears of contact, she skillfully and unrestrainedly inserted every muscle of her sexy, flawless body. Completely relaxed, she has secretly introduced her own ideas and their varied implementation let the time (unfortunately) go by too quickly. I could not have imagined in advance that this meeting would be so familiar and run on an indescribable basis of trust, which was both the general conversation (which, by the way, is a true language genius with 5 languages) and the intimate fantasies, and we had a lot, too Fun together. Conclusion: the first meeting with Zoé (I must add fairer here at this point, that I was in this first and foremost about getting to know Zoé, since it was important to me – this young woman before the exhaustion of their preferences and inclinations, that is of her repertoire – to get to know her naked body as well as her personally from her human side, I am convinced that this must serve as an indispensable basis for further meetings and wicked games). In the end, we both realized that the chemistry between us is just right and nothing stands in the way of further meetings.

I definitely want to see Zoé very quickly and can not wait! Therefore, I am looking forward to the next reunion and all the wonderful things that we have not experienced so far. Since we already know each other a bit, our second date will certainly be characterized by being able to interact more and more intensively and to be able to try out a lot of new Zoé’s extensive “service offerings” and to experiment, which gives us both great pleasure, what unfortunately time-based on the 1st Date could not be implemented. Zoé (even though I repeat myself here again) is an extraordinary phenomenon and after years of experience, I can almost say that her personality is largely unique! Last but not least, a few words to organize and answer questions: I was in contact with Michelle during the entire appointment and settlement, exclusively via email. The organization through her was unique, swift, yet nice and entertaining and m.E. not to be outdone! So terrific from A-Z !!! Michelle – merci beaucoup for the organization of the extremely great highlight with Zoé last week!

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