I was expecting Zoé at 4pm in the lobby. Every minute my pulse began to beat faster – on the one hand because a horny, very attractive young woman would turn into the corner and on the other, because up in the room already an equally horny and attractive woman naked and blindfolded waiting for us. It should be noted here that it would be the first date with the two women together. Then Zoé came on time as always around the corner, unobtrusively dressed at my request in jeans, T-shirt, sneakers .. Of course, all involved in a great, tingling and informative meeting with and for all of us very excited. After we have warmly welcomed, we go up to the room. There my friend is already naked, but covered on the bed and her eyes blindfolded. Zoé I lead just around the corner to the bathroom and she wanted to freshen up briefly and then I bring them also naked and blindfolded to love playmate and imagine the two before each other, without that they can see each other … I called the two hot girls to start the panties first and then rub each other down over their hot thighs! With a smile that only I could see, she let Zoé then to slip under the blanket … Then the two girls were allowed to touch each other, stroking her hot breasts, feel her hot breath, hear the heart beat and the feel the excited pulse and explore their flawless and beautiful body and caress, in all places where a woman really horny. Who could know that better than 2 the two women? This sight was breathtakingly erotic !!! At first I was only the silent spectator, but then I pulled off the covers in time. After getting to know each other they were allowed to take off each other’s blindfolds and see each other, which culminated in a mutual WOW. Zoé and I asked my companion to spread her legs. Actually, that was not necessary, because her thighs and juicy pussy opened them by themselves and Zoé immediately seized the favor of the moment, took a Vibratos brought along in support and we have driven them to a violent and intense orgasm with our fingers, four hands and tongues … I would prefer to keep the other great experience for myself. It was simply gigantic without exaggeration and Zoé is an angel in every way !!!

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