13 Jul 2017

Actually, I wanted to sleep over it one more night, but now I prefer writing the same, as long as the impression is still fresh. Zoe is an exceptionally beautiful, intelligent and lovable young lady who has more than exceeded my expectations. She is absolutely submissive, obedient and meets all requirements without ifs and buts and is a thousand times prettier without the massive make-up. It is so extraordinary that I even deviated from my script, which I usually never do. Thank you for this incredible pearl! I’ll definitely meet her again, if she really wants to, as she told me. You can not wish for a better slave! With Zoe you have landed a direct hit! This is already the third lady I have booked in your agency. I have to say that every time there is an increase to the previous date, although I would exclude that after every appointment actually. Respect for that and keep it up !!!

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