04 Aug 2017

Where do I start … First of all the location, the apartment of course I mean, is really an absolute recommendation, in great condition and very very clean, you realize that a lot of effort and passion is put into it. The whole equipment is on a very high level of quality. From all around we have not seen so much, in time well the usual stop, we could think I meet two weeks and it would be no different. On Tuesday we were as planned in Stuttgart but culturally we did not do anything there, we stayed a bit too long for one thing. Continuation of the role play in the hotel on the first evening, I found it really great as I had imagined, it turned me on, I must confess, especially with the punishment after Madam was not obedient, really very beautiful. I did not receive my “reward” until the next morning, but it was not dramatic. Have previously been spontaneously in the shower in the SPA area at my expense, that had something. We were alone but you did not know if maybe someone else would come in, definitely had the spontaneous ☺️. The RPG idea of ​​you with the boxes was also a very good idea and gave us both a lot of fun, would have to lie now but so about half vll a little less we have finished, so we have for next time anyway something left over. Thank you for the recommendation of the Italian restaurant. You have not understated, it was amazing. Alone the entertainment factor and as I also love fish it was perfect and you get a lot of it around. Really an absolute recommendation. Josephine joined two days later. With Zoé and Josephine I was then with your recommendation the oriental restaurant near the airport. But the food was very good and rich. Was something else and very varied, except for the dessert of us all not stumped, also an absolute recommendation. Speaking of threes: The RPG was also very nice and we definitely had our fun, of course, in situations in which the ladies have dealt with each other. You can clearly feel that the chemistry between Zoé and Josephine is really right. So now I’m really calm and wish you a nice Sunday

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