13 Jul 2017

I slept like a stone this night and thought that Zoé deserved a few lines. Not that it’s new, the impressions are still the same after the night 🙂   So, business is business, but there are always (at least) two ways to do that. It can be short or long, it can be open or superficial and a lot more.   It was a long period of time, but it really did fly by. I do not need to comment Zoé’s body, she has a mirror. For her age, she is already pretty grounded and reflective. She already has something in her head and “on the box”. I was not completely unimpressed. You can just talk to her. I had the impression she was actually “with me” and did not just “down” the time.   Very nice, empathetic. Listening here too, developing a plan and pursuing it with purpose. Everything very professional (in the right sense of the word).   We had already philosophized, who has to thank whom.   I’ll just say thank you! It was very beautiful! And it will stay in “fiery” memory for more than one reason.

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