21 May 2019
Zoé is truly unique and wonderful person who genuinely put her heart and soul into our session. She created an authentic connection with us and made every effort to make sure everything was perfect, even under challenging conditions – she spent 24 hours with three of us as her slaves and a long list of personal requests. We had high expectations for sure but Zoe crushed those expectations and we came out on the other end of our date feeling that we had experienced something truly mind-blowing in ways we could not have imagined. With an outstanding ability to read people and zoom in and out of the most intense moments, she created the perfect flow through the date. At the same time, it was a pleasure to get to know Zoe as a person – we had never met before and we left feeling as if we had known eachother for years which really says something about how approachable and open she is. As we went our separate ways, we left feeling weak in our knees, physically worn out and spiritually invigorated.

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