About us

With us your most secret dreams come true!

Within our souls are profound desires, buried treasures, waiting longingly to surface. And genuine dedication and trust is demanded, to unleash these deep cravings and impulses.  We offer you the chance, for a sensual and memorable journey, an escape from your everyday life, where you will experience unknown heights of pure pleasure. Our agency values and respects the singularity of each individual and it is our highest duty, to find that one beautiful and rare gem, to complement you in a perfect match. With every lady and gentleman you select from our exquisite choice, you will have an escort with an excellent sense of style and absolutely captivating manners. We promise, that you will succumb to their charms at first sight, since they are all perfect and unique embodiments of all the facets and varieties passion might unite.

Let yourself be taken into a fantastic world through the magic of the our beautiful girls.

With us your most secret dreams come true!



I am the sweet voice on the phone.
With love and attention to every detail and knowledge of the beautiful things, I take care of customer requests to create a perfect date.
With the goal in mind that every customer can escape, whether for a few hours or for some days from a stressful daily life.


The back office is my home.
With a cool head I manage the organization and take care of business. With years of experience and extensive knowledge of the BDSM and fetish world, I find a solution for every proble. Ask me even about unusual wishes I will have the right advice for you.